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Updated to 08/02/2024

100 years contributing to the country's development

UNACEM is the specialist cement and clinker manufacturing company of Grupo UNACEM and has more than 100 years of history characterized by technological innovation, business growth, talent and knowledge. Our Purpose: "Growing together to build a sustainable world in which we are committed to promoting a thriving and sustainable construction industry that respects the environment and the living standards of Peruvians. We are also the leading company in the sector and we have a range of products that reinforces our commitment to the construction market and the country itself: Cemento Andino, Cemento Sol and Cemento Apu.

  • 1916
    Foundation of the first Peruvian-owned cement producer: Compañía Peruana de Cementos Portland.
  • 1956
    Cemento Andino built the Condorcocha plant (Tarma) at 3,950 m.a.s.l. together with Carpapata I Hydroelectric Station.
  • 1967
    Cementos Lima founded under the management of Sindicato de Inversiones y Administración (SIA) and shareholders of Compañía Peruana de Cementos Portland.
  • 1974
    The military government of General Juan Velasco Alvarado confiscates Cementos Lima and Cemento Andino, which come under state control.
  • 1981
    SIA recovers control of Cementos Lima (51% of the shares).
  • 1994
    49% of the company was privatized in a public share offering on Lima Stock Exchange (BVL)
  • 1999
    Cementos Lima triples its clinker and cement production capacity to 3.6 million and 4.5 million metric tons a year respectively.
  • 2003
    Cementos Lima founds Asociacion Atocongo, now the Asociación UNACEM.
  • 2007
    Cemento Andino privatized again, led by IASA. The company now listed on the BVL.
  • 2008
    Progresol hardware store network created.
    Completion of the 8 km underground conveyor between Atocongo Plant and the Conchan port facility.
  • 2012
    UNACEM created from a merger between Cementos Lima and Cemento Andino.
    We complete the work of extending the Condorcocha Plant's clinker production capacity, with the commissioning of kiln 4.
  • 2013
    Extension and modernization of kiln 1 at the Atocongo Plant completed, it can now produce 5.5 million tons of cement instead of 4.5 million tons.
  • 2014
    Our Cementos Sol brand becomes the 10th most recognized Peruvian brand.
  • 2015
    The milling capacity of the Condorcocha Plant is increased from 2.1 million to 2.8 million tons of cement a year
  • 2016
    Carpapata III Hydroelectric Power Station (12.8 MW) is commissioned to supply the Condorcocha Plant.
    Our Cemento Andino brand becomes the 15th most recognized brand in Peru.
  • 2018
    Our PROGRESOL hardware store network celebrates its 10th anniversary with 853 affiliated hardware stores.
  • 2021
    Both plants awarded a Blue Certificate by the Ministry of the Environment for treating 100% of their waste water
    We create the first Private Conservation Area in Lima: Lomas de Quebrada de Río Seco.
  • 2022
    Celepsa awards us the Tripe C award in recognition of our use of renewable energy.