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Updated to 08/02/2024

We encourage the development of neighboring communities by donations of cement, paving stones and concrete, as well as investment in community work and works in lieu of taxes, with the participation of local communities, local governments, the central government and other allies.

Community infrastructure

500,000 More than 500,000 bags of cement donated to different community infrastructure works.

Works in lieu of taxes (OxI)

Project to improve potable water and drainage in the village of Condorcocha
Refurbishment of section II of Av. Chosica, San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima. (Consortium formed by UNACEM, UNICON, PETRAMAS and FITESA).
Construction of 2.5 km of concrete pavement in the district of Shanguachi. Signed agreement with the Municipality of Oyón.
Construction of a civic security system in Villa Maria del Triunfo, Lima.
Building of a new market in Tarma, Junin.
Improvements in vehicular and pedestrian traffic on Jr. Junin, between La Portada and the street leading to the cemetery in the district of La Unión Leticia, Tarma, Junin.
High Performance Surf Center in the resort of Punta Rocas.


+ 1M Inhabitants benefiting from social infrastructure works.

We encourage families to look after their own health through our Health Communities program, which is based on a culture of preventing disease and encouraging healthy living. To do so, we follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health together with organized communities and other local actors.

310,000 treatments given in health campaigns
82 healthcare establishments have been strengthened by workshops and internships.
+1,300 children have benefited from interventions to prevent anemia

We work to improves the lives of our neighboring communities through people-oriented educational, technical, productive, artistic-cultural and sporting projects that increase their development opportunities.

Environmental education

+52 schools benefiting from the environmental education program

Art, Culture and Sport

+24,000 beneficiaries of art, culture and sports workshops in the Useful Holidays program

Job Training

2,600 beneficiaries of the Technical Entrepreneurship Training Program

We help to improve environmental management in our communities through the Community Environmental Program, which aims to raise environmental awareness and strengthen local and community environmental organizations. To do this we work together with local governments, in line with the policies of the Ministry of the Environment.

Environmental management

80,000 m2 of trees planted
+100 farmers trained under the Emprende Productor program


11,000 direct beneficiaries of the urban tree planting scheme

We encourage a close relationship with the communities in our areas of influence, based on clear and transparent dialog and participation by the population in processes affecting them. This enables us to create sustainable relationships with the communities and establish bonds of confidence between us.

+140 social organizations
+1,300 visitors from 49 social organizations and institutions visited our operations.

Asociación UNACEM is our social management organization. Created in 2003 with the aim of joining forces for the sustainable development of our neighboring communities through 5 lines of work: social infrastructure, health, education, the environment and community relations.