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Updated to 08/02/2024

Carbon neutral


Management Guidelines

Aimed at preventing and reducing our environmental footprints and the conservation and restoration of surrounding ecosystems.


of the electricity consumed in our installations comes from renewable sources.

Water footprint


of waste water re-used to maintain parks and gardens and in our fire-fighting system. 0.5 liters of water per ton of cement produced.

Clinker/cement reduction factor


Through the use of cementitious materials, thus avoiding 469,000 t of GG emissions (compared with 2010).


Seedlings produced in our nursery in 2020.

First level of recognition

For registering our carbon footprint on the platform of the Ministry of the Environment

Celepsa Triple C Certificate

For using renewable energy in both plants

BLUE Certificate

Granted by the National Water Authority for treating and reusing 100% of waste water at both plants.